Tragedy Class

I think my tragedies class has made me more prone to tragedies in my life. I know this may sound weird but it the class not only made me comprehend that shit happens in life (like fucked up shit) but there’s something to take from life and death. I believe that some people don’t see how valuable life is until someone close to them had died (tragic or not). 

But noting the fact that I lost more than 7 friends in the span of 15 years is pretty insane. All had different deaths, but some were just beyond tragic. 

Maybe Aristotle was fucking right about tragedy being an outlet-Catharsis

But shit, sometimes tragedy is just plain shit. But yes, I do agree that without tragedy not many would know what they have and how to appreciate what they have. 

Everything is always temporary, even life. Bask in what you can, and enjoy your fucking life guys. Seriouslyyyy.

*Excuse my random enlightening rants yall.


What a freakin’ badass.

Honesty Hour…

Not only is it finals week…but having to deal with the fact that your supervisor is stressed tf out is not a good one. I mean, last Friday was extremely difficult, but my team and I made it work.  Hell, we even stayed over time. But the fact of the matter is, I thought that I can work diligent in a very comfortable yet challenging environment but that’s definitely not the case today. People are really stretching me thin, and making me wonder everyday how things would’ve been if I quit and took on the next jobs that were opened for me. The pay might be like a 15 cents difference…but honestly it’s the environment that determines everything for me…if I want to stay or leave…and it really is not what you work for, but who you work with in this field. I mean don’t get me wrong, I do like my job, and the people but sometimes it gets so hard…so frustrating and to think that some of them don’t realize what other things that might be bothering a fellow worker OUTSIDE of work is never apparent. I just wish that my hard work can be credited to, and also to have someone that doesn’t make me apologize to them for something that wasn’t entirely my fault-was never my fault to begin with. This isn’t my dream job, but I work as if it’s a job that anybody and everybody would want at this time. I am not badmouthing anyone, but really just want to emphasize that life can be tough…there’s a lot more that I can go on about my work life…but it’s just not worth it. Like honestly, I come into work, do my job and then some, go to classes, and go home to do hw and study some more. I mean, what else does this job want from me? Aiiiiyahhh. Maybe I’m just sensitive this week…or maybe I keep giving excuses to the things that I shouldn’t be giving excuses to. IDK anymore. I guess I’m just honestly, very tired. Don’t mind this rant, just thought I needed to vent a little…other than that, I hope that your Monday is going a lot better than what I have just ranted about. 


beacon hill, boston  
thomas cadrin, 2014

I sorta just like these…definitely a cool and urban tone…



'It's me. It's me Peter, and I'm sorry.'
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 deleted scene

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