Honesty Hour…

Not only is it finals week…but having to deal with the fact that your supervisor is stressed tf out is not a good one. I mean, last Friday was extremely difficult, but my team and I made it work.  Hell, we even stayed over time. But the fact of the matter is, I thought that I can work diligent in a very comfortable yet challenging environment but that’s definitely not the case today. People are really stretching me thin, and making me wonder everyday how things would’ve been if I quit and took on the next jobs that were opened for me. The pay might be like a 15 cents difference…but honestly it’s the environment that determines everything for me…if I want to stay or leave…and it really is not what you work for, but who you work with in this field. I mean don’t get me wrong, I do like my job, and the people but sometimes it gets so hard…so frustrating and to think that some of them don’t realize what other things that might be bothering a fellow worker OUTSIDE of work is never apparent. I just wish that my hard work can be credited to, and also to have someone that doesn’t make me apologize to them for something that wasn’t entirely my fault-was never my fault to begin with. This isn’t my dream job, but I work as if it’s a job that anybody and everybody would want at this time. I am not badmouthing anyone, but really just want to emphasize that life can be tough…there’s a lot more that I can go on about my work life…but it’s just not worth it. Like honestly, I come into work, do my job and then some, go to classes, and go home to do hw and study some more. I mean, what else does this job want from me? Aiiiiyahhh. Maybe I’m just sensitive this week…or maybe I keep giving excuses to the things that I shouldn’t be giving excuses to. IDK anymore. I guess I’m just honestly, very tired. Don’t mind this rant, just thought I needed to vent a little…other than that, I hope that your Monday is going a lot better than what I have just ranted about. 


beacon hill, boston  
thomas cadrin, 2014

I sorta just like these…definitely a cool and urban tone…



'It's me. It's me Peter, and I'm sorry.'
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 deleted scene

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